Monday, March 23, 2009

Aussie's new bit

Aussie's new bit, a KK Sprenger. He seems to like it.

Devo Lunging

Well, I can't move the pics, so go rom end to start, he really relaxed into the feel again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I took some photos of Aussie and Devo, when I dropped them at the property last week, and they were so excited to be in a huge paddock again, and they were running around having a great time. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aurum Rain Dancer, my new baby!

Aurum Rain Dancer, aka Patty, is my new baby, and well, my first baby.
She is a purpose breed performance horse, with excellent, jumping and dressage lines right through her history.
I went to visit her yesterday, and took some photos. She will come homesometime around late April, or early May. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Pics


Can't believe I haven't blogged since August. Simple fact is, I've actually been outside doing stuff with the boys, and by the time I come inside, I am exhausted, and really don't feel like writing. never have been a good writer, and not a godd diary keeper either. :)

The boys are living at home now, and we are down to three. Ricky Tic, Aussie and Devo. Devo has come along really well after his stringhalt, and I have just started to bring him back into work, I am so happy, and I think he is too.

So I am here to show you a couple of pics, of the boys, and their new paddocks at home. Thise who have followed Devo through his Stringhalt, and seen how absolutely ravaged his body was, just checkout his newly muscled butt, I am so happy to see him back to better health.

Ciao Claudia

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Riding Ricky Tic

Yesterday I got Ricky Tic all setup, and rode him for the first time in the bareback pad. He is so very comfy to ride bareback. We did some walk and trot, transitions, trot a few steps, walk a few steps etc. I could see he was bored out of his brain after about a minute, so I got my guts together, and opened the gate, and rode him out in the play paddock, didn't get a much happier look on his face, but when I picked out a patch of grass, and rode to it, and asked him to stop, and gave him all the rope, he was very happy to munch. We did that for a few seconds, then off to another patch, etc. It was fun, and he really enjoyed it I think.

Today I played friendly game with Ricky Tic and Mossy. I started out with Ricky Tic, and did some undemanding time..... The first picture was Ricky Tic checking me out from the side of the roundyard. I was sitting on a bucket in the centre, and he stood there like that for a good ten minutes, so funny, he just couldn't work out what I was doing, but you know what, when finished, and I did some friendly game, he was sooo relaxed, he just chilled out, it was very cool. He dropped his head right down to the ground as I rubbed his ears (second Picture), and then I knelt down, and rubbed his legs, and hooves, he loved it I think, nice day.

Mossy was not so interested in looking at me, he spent the whole time looking the other way, but when he was walking around, he kept one ear on me, we did some friendly after that, then I had to rush off after feeding, pickup kids....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ricky Tic

A lovely picture of the lovely Ricky Tic.
We had a great play on Saturday, between the rain the night before, and that night. I am planning to film my level 1 with him in a couple of weeks, so I can take him to a two day advanced clinic in September.
He did really well, the only let down was sideways, but I am sure with a little practice, we will work a lot better together. He is such a stunning horse, I am so in awe of him.
I hope to head up to the paddock shortly, and do some riding in the bareback pad. Haven't done that with him yet, but I was thinking I might do my pushing passenger in the bareback pad. Unless I get my new NP saddle before then.

A nice picture of Mossy man, having a little graze between the circle game. He is a lovely horse, very calm and happy sole.
I think with some more playing in level 1, he will be a lovely horse for Jessie to work with. he is picking up the seven games quickly, almost like he's done it all before, though I don't think so.
It's currently raining and hailing here, so I don't think there will be much riding and playing today. We have no shedding at the property, so nowhere to get the horses under to rug and saddle etc, next on the wish list. :)